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* '''YMMV''', "Your Mileage May Vary"; see [[Other-optimizing]]
* '''YMMV''', "Your Mileage May Vary"; see [[Other-optimizing]]
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The following acronyms are frequently used on Overcoming Bias and Less Wrong. If what you are looking for is not in the list below, try searching something like Acronym Finder.

To add a new acronym, place it in the list while retaining alphabetical order, and create a redirect page from the acronym to the article with full name, or to this page if creating such article isn't a good idea. For example, PD redirects to Prisoner's dilemma, ETA redirects here.

  • ADBOC, "Agree Denotationally, But Object Connotatively"
Discussion in When Truth Isn't Enough.
Generally used when nitpicking, to make it clear that the nitpicks are not meant to represent actual disagreement. Discussed in Support That Sounds Like Dissent.