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Financial support:[[MIRI]]
Financial support:[[MIRI]]
== Things ==
== Assets  ==
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{| class="wikitable sortable"  
! Asset !!  Owner !! Notes
! Asset !!  Owner !! Notes

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Details on the day to day administration of Less Wrong


Departed Spiritual leader: Eliezer Yudkowsky

Benevolent dictator and codebase owner: vaniver

Community administrator and hat wearer: eliot

Core web hosting: Trike with Mattf

Financial support:MIRI


Asset Owner Notes
lesswrong.com eliot
Discussion forums eliot Reddit
lesswrong.com email ?? Trike?
wiki.lesswrong.com ?? Mediawiki
Google Analytics eliot Jan '17 commentary
Github ?? Trike?
complice.co Less Wrong Study Hall malcolmocean Discussion
/r/LessWrong ??