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This page contains a table of categories for the pages on this wiki.

Click on any of the categories to see a list of pages that belong to that category.

See also Category:Categories, and Special:Categories

Main Categories for Less Wrong:
Category:Concepts This category is for pages that define concepts.
Category:Conclusions Category:Conclusions
Category:Examples Category:Examples
Category:Fallacies This category is for pages about Fallacies.
Category:Jargon This category is for pages that define jargon used on this wiki, or other articles on Less Wrong or Overcoming Bias. Please add missing common terms or acronyms to the Jargon page.
Category:Positions This category is for pages that give a brief summary of standard positions on various topics.
Category:Less Wrong Articles Category:Less Wrong Articles
Category:Overcoming Bias Articles Category:Overcoming Bias Articles

Categories for important pages:
Category:Article Pages Category:Article Pages
Category:Index Pages Category:Index Pages
Category:News Pages Category:News Pages
Category:Main Pages Category:Main Pages
Category:Resource Pages Category:Resource Pages
Category:Review Pages Category:Review Pages
Category:Topics This category is for pages about important topics. See also the All Topics page.

Categories for general pages:
Category:Discussion Pages Category:Discussion Pages
Category:Meta Pages Category:Meta Pages
Category:Personal Pages Category:Personal Pages
Category:Advice Pages Category:Advice Pages
Category:Answer Pages Category:Answer Pages
Category:Brainstorming Pages Category:Brainstorming Pages
Category:Essay Pages Category:Essay Pages
Category:Fun Pages Category:Fun Pages
Category:Idea Pages Category:Idea Pages
Category:Question Pages Category:Question Pages
Category:Rant Pages Category:Rant Pages
Category:Resource List Pages Category:Resource List Pages
Category:Suggestion Pages Category:Suggestion Pages

Categories for definitions and acronyms:
Category:Definition Pages Category:Definition Pages
Category:Acronym Pages Category:Acronym Pages

Categories for events:
Category:Event Announcements Category:Event Announcements
Category:Event Logs Category:Event Logs
Category:Past Events Category:Past Events

Categories for people:
Category:Authors This category is for pages about authors of books, articles, or other media relevant to readers of this wiki.
Category:Groups Category:Groups
Category:IRC Users Category:IRC Users
Category:People This category is for pages about people of interest to readers of this wiki.
Category:Wiki Administrators Category:Wiki Administrators

Categories for places and groups:
Category:Groups Category:Groups
Category:Places Category:Places

Categories for types of low-quality pages:
Category:Copied Pages Category:Copied Pages
Category:Link Pages Category:Link Pages
Category:Page Stubs Category:Page Stubs
Category:Trash Pages Category:Trash Pages

Categories for page target audience:
Category:Introductory Pages Category:Introductory Pages
Category:Intermediate Pages Category:Intermediate Pages
Category:Advanced Pages Category:Advanced Pages

Categories for meta-page types:
Category:Categories These are the categories that the pages on this wiki have been sorted into.

Click on any of these categories to see the pages and subcategories that belong to that category.

See Categories for a differently formatted version of this page.

For a plain list of all categories, see Special:Categories

Category:Forgotten Pages Category:Forgotten Pages
Category:Page Types Category:Page Types
Category:Pages In Progress Category:Pages In Progress
Category:Templates This is the base category for templates. Templates should be placed in appropriate subcategories.

See Project:Templates for collated information on templates.

Category:Topics This category is for pages about important topics. See also the All Topics page.

Categories for low-quality page types:
Category:Dead Horse Pages Category:Dead Horse Pages
Category:Controversial Pages Category:Controversial Pages

Categories that might not be worth implementing:
Category:High Quality Pages Category:High Quality Pages
Category:Medium Quality Pages Category:Medium Quality Pages
Category:Low Quality Pages Category:Low Quality Pages

Other Categories:
Category:Other Pages Category:Other Pages