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[http://intentionalinsights.org/ Intentional Insights] is a nonprofit dedicated to popularizing rationality and effective altruism for a broad audience and thus raising the sanity waterline. It does so by transforming research on rational thinking and cognitive biases into engaging content conveyed in the language of self-improvement, to help people engage most easily with meta-cognitive strategies that help improve thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns. Intentional Insights has talked with the Center for Applied Rationality on collaborative efforts, as CFAR is aiming at the top 5%, and InIn is aiming more at the top 50%-90% of the population.
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For some examples of its public outreach work, see its [http://intentionalinsights.org/news News page]
For more on the organization and what it does, see the organization's [http://intentionalinsights.org/about "About" page]
For its effective altruism work, see its [https://impact.hackpad.com/Intentional-Insights-Spreading-Effective-Altruism-Effectively-to-Broad-Audiences-UTiM2viNkrp EA page]
The organization has been featured on [http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gleb-tsipursky/3-steps-to-living-intenti_b_8322574.html The Huffington Post], [http://www.salon.com/2015/09/12/get_donald_trump_out_of_my_brain_the_neuroscience_that_explains_why_hes_running_away_with_the_gop/ Salon], [http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2015/05/21/group-aims-at-finding-meaning-in-life.html The Columbus Dispatch], [http://thehumanist.com/multimedia/podcast/the-humanist-hour-138-intentional-insights-with-gleb-tsipursky-phd the Humanist Hour], and elsewhere.
To learn more, get in touch with the Intentional Insights Co-founder and President Gleb Tsipursky, at gleb[at]intentionalinsights.org. He is also the LW user Gleb_Tsipursky, but prefers you to use his email, which he checks more often.

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