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This page contains external resources that may be of interest to readers of this wiki.


Blogs by users of this wiki
Other Blogs
  • Accelerating Future - Michael Anissimov's popular blog, about a wide variety of topics related to transhumanism and the future in general, mainly: "Transhumanism, AI, nanotechnology, and extinction risk."
  • Accelerating Future People Database - "The Accelerating Future People Database is an attempt to index information relating to the community of people developing and directing advances in technologies. Created in September of 2007, the database currently offers over 100 pages, combining at-a-glace biographical details with video, audio, and links."
  • Future Current - "Perspectives on Emerging Technologies." A collection of transcripts from lectures and interviews on the topic of present-day emerging technologies, often supplemented by video and audio files recorded by Jeriaska.

Other Wikis

Other Resources