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What is karma?

Karma is the sum of up and down votes on comments and articles you have contributed. An up vote is worth 1 karma point, a down vote -1 point.

How do I submit an article?

You can compose a new article using the Create new article button visible in the top right of the page after you have logged in. You can only submit the article to Less Wrong once you have reached 50 karma points. Prior to that you're welcome to save your work as a draft.

What is shown in the New page?

The New page shows everything that a particular user can see. This includes drafts by a user as well as all of the public articles on LessWrong.

So don't worry if you see a draft that you've written in here, only you can see it (until it's submitted to the LessWrong category).

I deleted an article, can I undelete it?

It is not possible to undelete an article if you delete it. However it is only marked as deleted, not completly removed.

There is no easy way to get to deleted articles. However if you know the article permalink then you can always get to it, it will have a small note near the article title indicating that the article is marked as deleted. Note that while you can edit the deleted article, it will still be marked as deleted.

Instead of undeleting an article it is always possible to create a new article and copy and paste the content from the deleted article. Any formatting from rich editing should be copied correctly.

How can I read the archive of old posts?

The entire archive of old posts is available from the Recent Posts link on the right on the main site. Click on the words "Recent Posts" in the "Recent Posts" column at the right side of the page.

A table of all Less Wrong posts is available:

Subtables by year:

How can I report issues with this site?

For technical issues, there is a Report Issues link at the bottom of the main site.