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The Future of Humanity Institute is part of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford. Founded in 2005, its director is Nick Bostrom. The mission of FHI is described on their website;

The Future of Humanity Institute is the leading research centre looking at big-picture questions for human civilization. The last few centuries have seen tremendous change, and this century might transform the human condition in even more fundamental ways. Using the tools of mathematics, philosophy, and science, we explore the risks and opportunities that will arise from technological change, weigh ethical dilemmas, and evaluate global priorities. Our goal is to clarify the choices that will shape humanity’s long-term future.

The FHI is an affiliate to LessWrong and Overcoming Bias. Their past activities include holding a conference in 2008 titled Global Catastrophic Risks Conference and publishing a book, also titled Global Catastrophic Risks.

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