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Most of the following text was copied from , by Peer Infinity.

  • We'll probably work out our Wiki etiquette as we go along. But I do have at least one suggestion to start with: sign your name to personal or controversial opinions! Please! In fact, please sign your name to everything, if at all possible. I know this might be hard to remember. But especially remember this for personal or controversial opinions. If you wish to remain anonymous, do NOT sign yourself as Anonymous. Pick a pseudonym and stick with it! If you leave unlabeled opinions, they may be deleted, since no one cared about them enough to sign. Anonymous posts lacking a definite unique pseudonym should be considered harmful. -- Peer Infinity
    • But most of the pages on this wiki are just summarizing content from posts at Less Wrong and Overcoming Bias. Do we really need to sign our summaries of content that was written by someone else? It would probably make more sense for this wiki's layout to resemble wikipedia, rather than the SL4 Wiki. -- Peer Infinity
  • Add descriptions to links if it can't be determined by context, e.g., in a directory listing; this saves time by not making a user follow a link to find out what it's for. -- Peer Infinity
  • Any user of this Wiki is allowed to make obvious corrections to any other user's spelling and grammar. -- Peer Infinity
  • Any user is allowed to make existing words on any page into Wiki links, by using the [ [ ] ] marks, to create a link to a page that already exists or is expected to exist eventually, as long as this link is in context. For example, changing "Anthropic Principle" to "Anthropic Principle", changing "CFAI" to "CFAI", or changing "#sl4" to "#sl4". If the word or phrase is used several times on a page, only the first occurrence should be made into a link. -- Peer Infinity
  • Any user may categorize any page by listing the names of the appropriate Category at the bottom of the page. See this page for an example. -- Peer Infinity
  • If there is a disagreement about which categories a page fits in, or about anything else related to a Wiki page, the disagreement can be discussed in the page's "discussion" page. The disputed categories should be removed from that list until the disagreement is resolved. --Peer Infinity

  • Any user may move a page that they believe should be a Personal Wiki Page (rather than an Official Wiki Page) to a subpage of the author's User Page, and replace the original page with a link to the new page. Also, the user who moved the page should indicate their name and the date the page was moved at the bottom of the new page, after a divider ("----"). For example, "This page was moved from Universal Morality by Peer Infinity on May 21, 2005"

--Peer Infinity

One thing that we don't seem to have reached a consensus about is our policy about redirect pages. Personally, I find redirect pages to be very useful. Since there is no way to disable MediaWiki's case-sensitivity, if you accidentally get the capitalization wrong when trying to link to another wiki page, the link will not lead to the page you wanted to link to, but will instead link to a page with different capitalization. There are two main ways to deal with this problem:

1) Whenever a link is created with incorrect capitalization, just make a redirect page that links to the correctly capitalized page.

  • Advantages:
    • making the redirect pages is easy
    • MediaWiki automatically makes a redirect page when you move a page to correct its capitalization
    • If someone else makes the same capitalization error, there is already a redirect page to point to the correctly capitalized page
  • Disadvantages:
    • This can create a lot of redirect pages, which can make the Special:AllPages list look cluttered.
    • This can create confusion about which version of the page is the real version, and which versions are just redirects. This can naturally lead to not caring which page is the real version, and just letting the redirects sort it out

2) Whenever a link is created with incorrect capitalization, correct the link's capitalization. Whenever a page is created with incorrect capitalization, move the page, correct any links to the incorrectly capitalized page, and delete the redirect page that was automatically created by the move page tool

  • Advantages:
    • There is always only one version of each page, with the correct capitalization - unless a duplicate page was created, and the duplicate page went unnoticed
    • This reduces the number of redirect pages, and makes the Special:AllPages list look cleaner.
  • Disadvantages:
    • This is more work than just making a redirect page to point to the correctly capitalized page
    • This needs to be redone for every single capitalization error

There is also a third option: let each wiki editor use whichever method they prefer. Though this may lead to a time-wasting tug-of-war.

So far, it looks like we have been attempting to use option 2. Several links with incorrect capitalization were already created, and the pages with incorrect capitalization were deleted. Even the redirect pages that were created automatically by MediaWiki's Move Page tool were deleted. Perhaps we should vote on which method we want to make this wiki's official policy.

--Peer Infinity

People who vote for option 1:

  1. Peer Infinity
  2. (add your name here to vote)

People who vote for option 2:

  1. (add your name here to vote)

People who vote for option 3:

  1. (add your name here to vote)