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The following is copied from , by Peer Infinity

I'm considering starting a style guide. I'll try to reflect current usage as best I can. Does anyone have any suggestions? Eliezer, I'm looking to you specifically as you have written the most.

Some points of style off the top of my head:

  • Less Wrong and Overcoming Bias are each two words.
  • Per ciphergoth's suggestion, we are sticking to the Wikipedia convention that article title should be all in lowercase, except for the initial letter and proper names. In the article body, should we do the same or use EY's more liberal cap style?
  • I'm half seriously considering to only cite OB/LW authors if they are not EY
  • Article references should be based on the References template. When creating an article, add {{subst:References}} to the bottom, save the article, and then fill in as needed.

--badger, aka User:BJR

According to this style guide, Less Wrong is supposed to be two words, but this wiki's title is "LessWrong Wiki". Is it too late to change this wiki's title? --Peer Infinity


To standardize the references section, I've created a References template. To use it in a page, type {{subst:References}} after the main body of the article. After the page is saved, code will be inserted that can be filled in with references as necessary.

The template currently uses the following format.

  • See Also (for other relevant LWiki articles)
  • Footnotes (for references cited in the text)
  • Overcoming Bias Articles (links to OB articles in the format of Title by Author)
  • Less Wrong Articles (links to LW articles in the format of Title by Author)
  • Other References (everything else)

The footnotes section should use the <references/> tag. Everything else should be formatted as a list. BJR 20:51, 7 April 2009 (UTC)


I created a quick and dirty template for articless so we can start getting stubs generated for older OB and LW articles but make it easier to retrofit when we get a proper infobox set up for off-wiki posts/articles. I assumed we would want the following parameters:

  1. Article name
  2. Author
  3. Original site
  4. Date posted
  5. Permanent link

This is the time to talk about it before I start using the template. MrHen 16:38, 23 April 2009 (UTC)