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Less Wrong is a community resource devoted to refining the art of human rationality, sometimes known as rationalism. It has undergone a rise and arguable a fall in recent years.

Pre history

LessWrong developed from Overcoming Bias, an earlier group blog focused on human rationality, which began in November 2006, with artificial intelligence theorist Eliezer Yudkowsky and economist Robin Hanson as the principal contributors.


In February 2009, Yudkowsky's posts were used as the seed material to create the community blog LessWrong, and Overcoming Bias became Hanson's personal blog.

The site's use of Reddit-style voting and materials lead to significant growth and interest over the following years.

At some point Eliezer Yudkowsky finished writing the sequences.

During this period, popular fan-fiction HPMOR was started and finished.

Eliezer's departure

At some time in the mid 2010's stopped participating directly in the less wrong community, as did a number of other established contributors.

This triggered many contributors removing themselves to their own blogs and communities, triggering what's commonly known as the less wrong disporea.