How To Actually Change Your Mind

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How to Actually Change Your Mind is the second book contained in the ebook Rationality: From AI to Zombies, by Eliezer Yudkowsky. It is the edited version of a series of blog posts in "the Sequences", and covers the ultra-high-level penultimate technique of rationality: triumphing over confirmation bias and motivated cognition.

How to Actually Change Your Mind contains seven sequences of essays. These are all collected in the Rationality: From AI to Zombies ebook, but the essay names below are also linked to the original blog posts.

F. Politics and Rationality

57. Politics is the Mind-Killer
58. Policy Debates Should Not Appear One-Sided
59. The Scales of Justice, the Notebook of Rationality
60. Correspondence Bias
61. Are Your Enemies Innately Evil?
62. Reversed Stupidity is Not Intelligence
63. Argument Screens Off Authority
64. Hug the Query
65. Rationality and the English Language
66. Human Evil and Muddled Thinking

Death Spirals and the Cult Attractor

Most important posts:

Seeing with Fresh Eyes

Noticing Confusion

(Heavy overlap with Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions.)

Against Rationalization

Against Doublethink

Overly Convenient Excuses

Letting Go

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