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Intentional Insights is a nonprofit whose stated goal is to raise the sanity waterline by popularizing rationality and effective altruism for a broad audience. Its co-founder and president, Gleb Tsipursky (gleb[at] is an active Less Wrong participant (username Gleb_Tsipursky).

There has been heated debate on Less Wrong (see, e.g., this thread) about the effectiveness of Intentional Insights' work. The principal objections raised are that in writing for a relatively lowbrow audience, Intentional Insights has produced material that (1) promotes not rationality but an oversimplified caricature of rationality that isn't actually effective, and/or (2) is creepy and unnatural and therefore offputting. As of the writing of this page, clear evidence either for or against these claims is lacking.

Many examples of Intentional Insights' promotional material are linked from the organization's News page.