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[[Karma]], within the context of [[Less Wrong]], is an integer value given to each member.  A member is prevented from submitting articles to Less Wrong until they have obtained at least 20 karma.  Members can [[vote]] on each other's [[post]]s and [[comment]]s and the vote will either award 1 karma or subtract 1 karma from their score.  It is no longer possible to vote on your own posts and comments.
#REDIRECT [[FAQ#What_is_karma.3F]]
== Top contributors ==
The top contributors list visible on the main page is ranked according to karma.  As of April 23, 2009, the top contributors are:
# [[Eliezer_Yudkowsky]] {{karma|3137|April 30, 2009}}
# [[Yvain]] {{karma|1906}}
# [[MBlume]] {{karma|1089}}
# [[ciphergoth]] {{karma|1044}}
# [[PhilGoetz]] {{karma|867}}
# [[AnnaSalamon]] {{karma|835}}
# [[Vladimir_Nesov]] {{karma|737}}
# [[pjeby]] {{karma|721}}
# [[thomblake]] {{karma|602}}
# [[JulianMorrison]] {{karma|560}}

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