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Over the last decades, new experiments have changed science's picture of the way we think — the ways we succeed or fail to obtain the truth, or fulfill our goals. The heuristics and biases program, in cognitive psychology, has exposed dozens of major flaws in human reasoning. Social psychology shows how we succeed or fail in groups. Probability theory and decision theory have given us new mathematical foundations for understanding minds.

Less Wrong is devoted to refining the art of human rationality — the art of thinking. The new math and science deserves to be applied to our daily lives, and heard in our public voices.

This wiki exists to support the community blog LessWrong.com. Our version of "notability" is that a concept should be discussed in at least one promoted writing service, and then referenced by at least one other article (promoted or not), before it gets its own wiki page. This wiki is not for original research - that is, it is not for directly discussing topics or concepts that have never been discussed on the blog.

If you're a reader looking to explore the Wiki, you might like to start by browsing the topic tree (especially Concepts) or by viewing all pages.

To get started on reading the blog, consult the Sequences. A few special places on the blog are described in Special threads.

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