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As at 2015-09-15 Lesswrong has a slack channel that is two weeks old and growing. details can be found here

Quoted from that discussion page:

If you are interested in joining; consider this one requirement:

You must be willing to be charitable in your conversations with your fellow lesswrongers. To be clear; This means (including but not limited to);

Steelman not strawman of discussion Respect of others patience

So far every conversation we have had has been excellent, there have been no problems at all and everyone is striving towards better understanding of each other. This policy does not come out of a recognition of a failure to be charitable; but as a standard to set when moving forward. I have no reason to expect it will be broken but all the same; I feel it is valuable to have.

I would like this to have several goals and purposes (some of which were collaboratively developed with other lesswrongers in the chat, and if more come up in the future too that would be good) an aim for productive conversations, to make progress on our lives. a brains trust for life-advice in all kinds of areas where, "outsource this decision to others" is an effective strategy. collaborative creation of further rationality content a safe space for friendly conversation on the internet (a nice place to hang out) A more coherent and stronger connected lesswrong Development of better ideas and strategies in how to personally improve the world.

So far the chat has been operating by private invite from me for about two weeks as a trial. In the meta-sense we are still low on the numbers required to keep as fun a conversation I would like, and it goes quiet; I expect that to change with this post. I have personally gained two very good friends already; that I now talk to every day. (Which coincidentally slowed me down from posting this notice because I was too busy with other things and learning from new people)

I realise this type of medium is not for all. But I am keen to make it work.

To join the Slack channel; send a message to LessWrong user Elo with your email address.