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* Schedule: saturday termtimes - normally 6-8pm.
* Schedule: saturday termtimes - normally 6-8pm.
* Contact [http://lesswrong.com/user/Larks Larks] or [http://lesswrong.com/user/alexflint AlexFlint] for details.
* Contact [http://lesswrong.com/user/Larks Larks] or [http://lesswrong.com/user/alexflint AlexFlint] for details.
===North West England, UK===
I am a Less Wrong reader, and I live in Blackburn, Lancashire, England.  I am interested in starting up a Less Wrong meet-up group for North West England.  If you live within, say, an hour's drive of Blackburn, and are interested in founding a meet-up group with me, please message me.  To give a small amount of background on myself - I've been 'lurking' on Less Wrong since it started, but I haven't made any posts or comments to date.  My interests span most of the content of Less Wrong, for example overcoming bias, improving reasoning skills, developing a rational approach to ethics and reducing existential risk.
Many thanks
===Helsinki, Finland===
===Helsinki, Finland===

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Less Wrong members sometimes arrange meetups to meet each other in meat space. Some geographic areas have groups that do this regularly. Also see: Less Wrong meetup group resources.


Atlanta, GA

Austin, TX

Bay Area, CA


San Francisco

Tortuga (in Mountain View)

  • Mailing list
  • Venue: Private residence, Thursdays, 7pm
  • Hosted by: Shannon Friedman and Divia Melwani
  • For venue information: Email Shannon or Divia.

Cambridge, MA

Chicago, IL

Washington, DC

  • Meets Sunday afternoons, sometimes at a private residence
  • Mailinglist: Less Wrong DC
  • For venue information, PM Benquo or atucker.

Madison, WI

New York City, NY

The NYC meetup group is split into various groups based on interest. For more information on how to attend, please join the relevant mailing list.

Main Group

For general discussion, social activities, and games nights.

Self-Improvement Group

For active self-improvement via goal-setting, commitment, and reinforcement, and getting things done.

Bayesian Conspiracy: NYC

For discussion of rationality topics related to the sequences / Columbia University student education group.

  • Weekly, Monday, 8-9pm, Columbia University Campus (often room 316 in the Hamilton building)
  • Mailing list: Columbia Group

Research Triangle, NC (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill)

Southern California, CA

For help with transportation, check for carpool opportunities in meetup announcements and comments.

Seattle, WA

  • Meets the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month in the U-District, see mailing list for details.
  • Eastside meetups are happening on an ad-hoc schedule, see mailing list for details.
  • Mailing list: LW-Seattle

St Louis, MO

  • On break for the summer. Join the mailing list if you're in town and want to try to get people together anyway.
  • Mailing list: Less Wrong St Louis



  • Venue: Bars by St. George subway station, currently Bedford Academy.
  • Schedule: Biweekly, Thursdays at 8 PM. Join the mailing list for details.
  • Mailing List: Toronto Google Group


We're still working out where and how often the group will meet.


We don't yet have a regular venue or meeting time, but currently (early August 2011) are meeting downtown about once a week.


London, UK

  • Venue: variable, see list and LessWrong. Look for the Art Lebedev paperclip sign on our table.
  • Schedule: First Sunday of every second month (January/March/May 2011 so far), plus irregular meets every two to three weeks.
  • Mailing list: LessWrongLondon

Oxford, UK

  • Oxford Rationality Meetups
  • Venue: Exeter College
  • Schedule: saturday termtimes - normally 6-8pm.
  • Contact Larks or AlexFlint for details.

Helsinki, Finland



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