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This page documents the ongoing project proposed by folkTheory: to create exercise sets for each applicable post in the Sequences for readers to test and expand their understanding.

So as to avoid duplication of effort in the carrying-out of this project, this page will list all posts in the Sequences for which a member of the Less Wrong community has taken charge of exercise creation. They will do so by posting a new list item with their name and their chosen post. Those volunteering to be betas (i.e. test readers) for any given exercise may indicate their intentions to do so in a sublist. When the exercises are finished, the Less Wrong member in charge will edit their list item to include a link to the new exercises post.

Major Sequences

Mysterious Answers to Mysterious Questions

A Human's Guide to Words

How To Actually Change Your Mind


The Quantum Physics Sequence

The Metaethics Sequence

The Fun Theory Sequence

The Craft and the Community

Minor Sequences

Map and Territory

Ethical Injunctions

The Simple Math of Evolution

Challenging the Difficult

Coming of Age

Positivism, Self Deception, and Neuroscience by Yvain

Priming and Implicit Association by Yvain

Decision Theory of Newcomblike Problems by AnnaSalamon

Living Luminously by Alicorn

The Science of Winning at Life by lukeprog