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Welcome to the LessWrong wiki. I'm not an admin, I'm just being bold(I know, wrong wiki but I think it's a good concept to import here). I thought I'll start the ball roling by writing something on this page.

So here are some question to the admins:

-What do you want us(non admins) to do?

Fill in content mainly, but any contribution is appreciated. BJR

-Is there any work to be done for the wiki other than adding articles?

Add posts or summaries to Overcoming Bias. BJR

-What ideas qualify as being article worthy?

Err on the side of inclusion right now. Any reoccurring concept, phrase, or scenario in OB/LW or in the broader rationality community is worthy of an article. However, if a concept is very standard, don't duplicate effort. Rely on standard sources like Wikipedia instead. -BJR

-Do ideas have to come from OB and LW or can we add eg. Paul Graham stuff?

Please add anything relevant. While the wiki obviously features LW specific content, it should be as outward looking as possible. -BJR

-Could you keep us informed of progress from a central location?

Either the Wiki Projects or Wiki Priorities page will likely fulfill this role. Those two pages will probably be consolidated into one. -BJR

-Also we need coordination from a central location. Perhaps on this page.

The forums on the previous wiki did not completely import, but they might fulfill this role. Either way, the community portal will be the starting place for large scale projects and coordination. -BJR

-How about a faq?

We have a FAQ, although it is specific to the blog and commenting system at the moment. We can add a section of general wiki questions. -BJR

-How about a page to submit questions for the faq?

Talk:FAQ is the best place at the moment. -BJR

--KP 22:19, 6 May 2009 (UTC)