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List of blogs from the diaspora and rationalist movement. Last large update: 2017-05-25

General Rationality and Philosophy

An Algorithmic Lucidity Zack M Davis

Compass Rose Ben Hoffman (Benquo)

Don’t Worry About the Vase Zvi Moshowitz

Entirely Useless

Everything Studies John Nerst


Input Junkie NancyLebovitz (Politics, personal live journal stuff)

Julia Galef

Map and Territory

Melting Asphalt Kevin Simler

Minds Aren't Magic Paul Crowley

Nothing Is Mere RobbBB (value theory, meta-metaphysics)

Qualia Computing

Rationally Speaking Julia Galef

Slate Star Codex Scott Alexander (psychiatry, analysis of ideology, misc)

The Rationalist Conspiracy Alyssa Vance

Applied Rationality

Agenty Duck Brienne Yudkowsky

BearLamp Elo

Becoming Eden Will & Divia Eden (self-help)

Beeminder posts tagged "rationality" dreeves

Ferocious Truth

Jeff Kaufman Jeff Kaufman (Effective Altruism, Software, Owning a group house)

MalcomOcean (community, culture, and mental models)

Meditation Stuff MarkL (meditation, phenomenology, ontology, epistemology, instrumental rationality)

Meteuphoric Katja Grace (anthropics and human behavior)

Mind Level Up Owen

Minding Our Way Nate Soares

Particular Virtue (Software Engineering Perspective)

Putanumonit Jacob Falkovich

Squirrel in Hell

The Sideways View Paul Christiano

Understanding and Mastering Our Brains to Do Cool Stuff alexvermeer

Research Analysis and Economics: (often political)

Bayesian Investor Blog Peter McCluskey (economics, book reviews, nutrition, prediction markets, etc.)

Aceso Under Glass Elizabeth (Science, Technology and Videogames)

Anonymous Mugwump

Entitled To An Opinion TGGP (social science, genetics, links)



Overcoming Bias Robin Hanson (legendary econblog, focuses on signaling and the future)


Random Critical Analysis

The Future Strategist Podcast James Miller

Unenumerated Gwern (blog-ish website with lots of detailed statistical analyses of nootropics, anime, and population dynamics)

Altruism and Utilitarianism

80k hours

Almost No One is Evil, Almost Everything is Broken (Very Philosophical and Poetic Take)

Charity Navigator

Effective Altruism Forum


Giving Gladly Julia Galef

Giving What We Can

The Give Well Blog

The Life You Can Save

The Open Philantropy Blog

Math and CS

Annoying Precision Qiaochu_Yuan


Chris Stucchio

Eli Bendersky

Setting Things Straight Silas Barta

protokol2020 protokol2020 (exploring problems in science and technology and elsewhere)

Religion and Atheism

DiaPente JQuinton (focus on early Christianity, rationality, and psychology of religion)

The Merely Real Chana Messinger (skepticism and social justice)

Unequally Yoked palladias (Catholic blog by recent convert from atheism)

Ai Risk

AI Control Paul Christiano

Machine Intelligence Research Institute

Fiction and Media Heavy Blogs

Daly Planet Films moridinamael (books, movies, and television - podcasts and essays)

Death is Bad

Luke Muehlhauser

Mokka mit Schlag Elliotte Rusty Harold (Science Fiction)

Name and Nature Paul Wright (links on sci-fi, programming and politics)

Unsong Scott Alexander (Serialized Fiction)

Yngling Saga RolfAndreassen (logs from role-playing games) Kaj Sotala (educational video games and other topics)

Social Justice and Leftwing

Brute Reason Miri Mogilevsky (skepticism, feminism, social justice)

Feminist Critics HughRistik (discussion of feminism, often negative)

The Thing of Things Ozy Frantz

The Whole Sky Julia: (stories about being a social worker in a prison and other topics)

topherhallquist Topher Hallquist

Reaction, Anti-SJ and Rightwing Politics

Small Truths

Stares At The World Aurini (cultural collapse of modern society)

Status 451

The Future Primaeval Konkvistador et al (social science, rationality, reactionary thought)

Gone But Not Forgotten: Blogs which are unlikely to be revived

Alexander Kruel XiXiDu (critiques of the LessWrong community)

Common Sense Atheism Lukeprog

Measure of Doubt, measureofdoubt on Youtube Julia Galef

Rational Altruist Paul Christiano {11-2014}

Reflective Disequilibrium Carl Shulman

The Uncredible Hallq Chris_Hallquist (atheist blog with occasional focus on singularity)

The View From Hell Sister Y (suicide rights, negative utilitarianism)

Utilitarian Essays, Essays on Reducing Suffering Utilitarian


Aellagirl (nsfw)

EconTalk Podcast

Econlog Bryan Caplan et all

Marginal Revolution

Noahpinion Noah Smith



The Ezra Klein Show Ezra Klein


Waking Up With Sam Harris

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