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Generic Rationality and Philosophy

alexvermeer: Understanding and Mastering Our Brains to Do Cool Stuff

BrienneStrohl: Agenty Duck

ciphergoth: Minds Aren't Magic (cryonics)

David_Gerard: RationalWiki Blog (general skeptical interest)

Eneasz: Death Is Bad

Gwern: (blog-ish website with lots of detailed statistical analyses of nootropics, anime)

jamesf: Convex Function

jimmy: The Art and Science of Cognitive Engineering (hypnosis)

JKaufman: Jeff Kaufman

Julia: The Whole Sky (stories about being a social worker in a prison)

Katja Grace: Meteuphoric (anthropics and human behavior)

MalcolmOcean: (community, culture, and mental models)

Michelle_Z: Am I There Yet? (self-improvement, science, and other varied topics)

NancyLebovitz: Input Junkie

nerfhammer: Planet Rationalist (aggregator)

PaulWright: GCU Dancer On The Midway (mostly links)

RobbBB: Nothing Is Mere (value theory, metametaphysics)

sark: sarkology

Saint: StHomme (Essays) Note: content on blog has since been removed. (checked 2014-09-02)

So8res: Minding Our Way

tuxedage: Essays and Other Musings

Will & Divia Eden: Becoming Eden (self-help)

XiXiDu: Alexander Kruel (critiques of the LessWrong community)

Yvain: Slate Star Codex (psychiatry and structure of arguments)

dreeves: Beeminder posts tagged "rationality"

Personal Effectiveness

Yossarian: The Rational Superhero (a "progress blog" - so far focusing on productivity)

Altruism and Utilitarianism

Julia: Giving Gladly

Peter_Hurford: Everyday Utilitarian

Utilitarian: Utilitarian Essays Essays on Reducing Suffering

Economics and Social Science

TGGP: Entitled To An Opinion (social science, genetics, links)

Alyssa Vance: The Rationalist Conspiracy

Robin Hanson: Overcoming Bias (legendary econblog, focuses on signaling)

Silas Barta: Setting Things Straight

Dale/Dias: Effective Differentials (Economics, Rationality, Effective Altruism)

Gender and Politics

Aurini: Stares At The World (cultural collapse of modern society)

Clarisse Thorn: Clarisse Thorn (kink, S&M)

HughRistik: Feminist Critics (discussion of feminism, often negative)

Konkvistador et al: The Future Primaeval (social science, rationality, reactionary thought)

Michael Anissimov: More Right (reactionary thought, political commentary)

OrphanWilde: The Orphan Wilde (libertarianism)

Religion and Atheism

Chana Messinger: The Merely Real (skepticism and social justice)

Chris_Hallquist: The Uncredible Hallq (atheist blog with occasional focus on singularity)

Gilbert: The Last Conformer (Catholic blog, occasional well-informed criticisms of LessWrong)

muflax: Muflax Becomes A Saint (Buddhism, early Christianity, eclectic mysticism) Note: site has since been removed ("buried"). (checked 2014-09-02)

palladias: Unequally Yoked (Catholic blog by recent convert from atheism)

JQuinton: DiaPente (focus on early Christianity, rationality, and psychology of religion)


Qiaochu_Yuan: Annoying Precision

Zack M Davis: An Algorithmic Lucidity

Coscott: By Way of Contradiction

Software Development

Elliotte Rusty Harold: The Cafes

Extremely Miscellaneous

Elliotte Rusty Harold: Mokka mit Schlag

Bill McGrath: Bill McGrath Music

Kaj Sotala: (educational video games, among other things)

kpreid: Kevin Reid's Blog (programming, often game development; miscellany)

RolfAndreassen: Yngling Saga (logs from role-playing games)

Trevor Blake: OVO

wallowinmaya: wallowinmaya (summaries of the Sequences, nihilism, etc.)

pcm: Peter McCluskey's blog (book reviews, nutrition, prediction markets, etc.)

protokol2020: protokol2020 (exploring problems in science and technology and elsewhere)

lucidian: Yearly Cider (existentialism, epistemology, etc.)

MarkL: Meditation Stuff (meditation, phenomenology, ontology, epistemology, instrumental rationality)

m_k: A solver in search of problems (general rationality, translations of rationality materials into Polish)

lalaithion: [1] Random things, social justice, and science

Gone But Not Forgotten

CarlShulman: Reflective Disequilibrium

JuliaGalef: Measure of Doubt, also measureofdoubt on Youtube (semi-actively updated)

Lukeprog: Common Sense Atheism

Sister Y: The View From Hell (suicide rights, negative utilitarianism)

steven0461: Black Belt Bayesian Note: site has since been removed. (checked 2014-09-02)

Paul Christiano: Rational Altruist, Ordinary Ideas (quantitative interventionism, AI philosophy)

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