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As a Less Wrong account holder you may cast a single vote on articles and comments. You may choose to vote up or vote down. An up vote adds 1 points to the article's or comment's score, and also 10 (for an article) or 1 (for a comment) karma points to the author. A down vote subtracts 1 points from the article (or comment), and also 10 (for an article) or 1 (for a comment) points from the author's karma. The specific guidelines around casting votes has been a topic of discussion on Less Wrong.

Note: The number of down votes you may cast is limited to your karma value. E.g. If your karma is 23 you may cast up to 23 down votes.


All articles and comments on Less Wrong are subject to community moderation. This is primarily via voting, however for particularly offensive content you may click the Report link to flag the content as offensive. Reported content is reviewed by the site's moderators.

Current list of moderators: on the main site, in discussion section.

Moderation by Editors

Articles may be edited for non-standard markup (fonts, indentation, etc., which usually result from copy-pasting from an editor); missing summary breaks (in meetup posts these should be placed at the very beginning); empty lines (paragraphs implemented using <br /><br /> instead of </p><p>); isolated clearly unintended typos; errors in URLs where it's clear how to fix them (e.g. some spurious prefix or suffix made it in the URL); missing spaces around markup (happens with URLs or italics sometimes); extra letter included under or missing from linked text string and to fix tags (especially but not only) on standard post types (quotes, open threads, meetups, posts in new user sequences). Editors shouldn't fix bad wording, systematic typos, or non-standard formatting that was intentional and looks fine. Editors may do more than these specified tasks if solicited by post authors.

Changes made by Editors are visible at

Current list of editors: on the main site, in discussion section.


Articles are selected for promotion on the basis of substantive new content, clear argument, good writing, popularity, and importance. Promoted articles appear on the Less Wrong home page. Non-promoted articles are still available in the other views, such as New or Popular.