Official Rules of the Unofficial Lesswrong IRC

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Less Wrong's IRC chatroom is the #lesswrong channel on the FreeNode IRC server.

You can access the channel via web interface if you don't want to set up an IRC client. Just enter your nickname in the form.

The following is a list of guidelines to be adhered to in the Lesswrong IRC. Failure to comply may result in bans. This is not meant to be constitutional in nature -- the personal discretion of moderators overrides written rules. This is merely intended to be a guide reflecting social expectations in IRC.

1. Common sense courtesy and friendliness applies. Please be excellent to each other.

2. There will be no posting of channel logs anywhere, unless consent has been given from all participants in the conversation.

3. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency discussion is not allowed. Please join #lw-bitcoin instead.

4. No Spam