Overcoming Bias

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Overcoming Bias is a group blog on the systemic mistakes humans make, and how we can possibly correct them. The primary contributors are Robin Hanson of George Mason University and Eliezer Yudkowsky of the Singularity Institute. Common topics include "cognitive psychology, evolutionary psychology, microeconomics, applied statistics, social psychology, probability and decision theory, even a bit of Artificial Intelligence now and then."

Overcoming Bias Articles
Title Author Date Summary
How To Join Robin Hanson 2006-11-20 Description of OB and how to contribute.
Hide Sociobiology Like Sex? Robin Hanson 2006-11-20 Should we teach children about self-interest explanations and sociobiology earlier?
Quiz: Fox or Hedgehog? Hal Finney 2006-11-21 Discussion of Philip Tetlock's Fox/Hedgehog classification guide in Expert Political Judgement.