Rationalist Diplomacy, Game 2

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The second game of Diplomacy on Less Wrong. The game itself is here. All maps can be found here.


Kevin was Prime Minister of Great Britain

AlexMennen was President of France

tenshiko was Kaiser of Germany

Alexandros was King of Italy

WrongBot was Emperor of Austria

Thausler was Czar of Russia

Hugh Ristik was Sultan of Turkey

Randaly was the GM

Spring 1901

Order Results


Austria: A bud -> ser

Austria: F tri -> alb

Austria: A vie -> gal


England: F edi -> nwg

England: A lvp -> yor

England: F lon -> nth


France: F bre -> mao

France: A mar -> bur Bounced with mun (1 against 1).

France: A par -> gas


Germany: A ber -> kie

Germany: F kie -> hol

Germany: A mun -> bur Bounced with mar (1 against 1).


Italy: F nap -> ion

Italy: A rom -> ven

Italy: A ven -> tyr


Russia: A mos -> stp

Russia: F sev -> bla Bounced with ank (1 against 1).

Russia: F stp/sc -> bot

Russia: A war -> ukr


Turkey: F ank -> bla Bounced with sev (1 against 1).

Turkey: A con -> bul

Turkey: A smy -> con


Turkish Military Advance Checked in Black Sea

Earlier this month, Sultan HughRistik, announced a broad movement of Turkish troops into the Balkans, vowing to avenge previous Turkish defeats in the First Balkans War and restore Turkey to its traditional dominant role. As a result of the balkanization of the Balkans League in the Second Balkans War, Ottoman forces encountered shockingly little resistance on land; however, the Russian fleet blocked the advance of the Ottoman fleet into the Black Sea.

Schlieffen Plan Implemented

In a move anticipated by every other European monarch, Germany invaded France in March. Though its initial strike towards Burgundy was blocked by French troops based out of Marseilles, German military leaders are privately confident that the northern prong of their assault, currently outflanking the French defenses through the Netherlands, will achieve greater success.

English, Russian Forces Approach Scandinavia

Both the English and Russian militaries have mobilized their fleets and militaries, moving them towards Scandinavia. The Russian fleet has entered the Gulf of Bothnia, while elements of the British fleet have occupied the North and Norwegian Seas.

Italian Forces Advance Into Tyrolia

The Italian army recently advanced into Tyrolia, putting it in a position to threaten the rears of both Austria and Germany. Austrian advances into the Balkans and Galicia have left its homeland undefended, while German forces in Munich have already been deployed unsuccessfully against Burgundy.

Fall 1901

Order Results


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.

Austria: F alb -> tri

Bounced with ven (1 against 1).

Austria: A gal -> war

Austria: A ser -> rum

Bounced with ukr (1 against 1).


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.

England: F nth Convoys A yor -> hol

England: F nwg -> nwy

England: A yor -> hol

Convoy path taken: yor→nth→hol.


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.

France: A gas -> por

Convoy path taken: gas→mao→por.

France: A mar -> spa

France: F mao Convoys A gas -> por


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.

Germany: F hol -> bel

Germany: A kie -> den

Germany: A mun -> ruh


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.

Italy: F ion -> tun

Italy: A tyr Supports A ven -> tri

Italy: A ven -> tri


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 1.

Russia: F bot -> swe

Russia: F sev Supports A ukr -> rum

Russia: A stp -> lvn

Russia: A ukr -> rum


Supply centers were gained. Units that may be built: 2.

Turkey: F ank -> bla

Turkey: A bul -> gre

Turkey: A con -> bul


Italy Invades Austrian Homeland

Earlier this month, Italian forces based out of Venice and supported from Tyrolia invaded and captured Trieste, seizing one of Austria's main production provinces, and placing its forces within striking distance of the currently undefended provinces of Vienna and Budapest. Though Italian forces are well supported, Austrian officials are privately confident that Vienna and Budapest will be defended and Trieste recaptured; when asked how, one official responded cryptically, "We have forces there. You just can't see them. Yet."

England Seizes Foothold on the Continent

English troops stormed ashore in Holland last month, threatening the rear of the advancing German fleet currently in Belgium, as well as presenting a potent threat to the German naval base at Kiel. Prime Minister Kevin vowed to defend England's interests, including Belgian neutrality and the continued survival of its allies.

Austria Strikes Undefended Russian Flank

Columns of Austrian troops entered Warsaw in October, taking advantage of the occupation of Russian forces in the south to seize one of Russia's main production provinces. The citizens of Warsaw have met the initial conquest with overwhelming approval, although the approval is now diminishing under the continued occupation, as well as the threat posed by advancing Russian forces in Livonia.

Contact Made With Alternate Universe

A delegation of properly credentialed diplomats recently emerged from a mysterious portal, claiming to be from an alternate universe. Governments are currently investigating how their supposedly classified protocols were leaked to this unknown organization.

Winter 1901


Austria: Builds A bud


England: Builds A edi

England: Builds F lon


France: Builds A mar

France: Builds A par


Germany: Builds F kie

Germany: Builds A mun


Italy: Builds F nap

Italy: Builds A ven


Russia: Builds A mos


Turkey: Builds A con

Turkey: Builds F smy

Spring 1902

Orders Results


The Army in Serbia cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

Austria: F alb -> tri Bounced with tri (1 against 2).

Austria: A bud Supports A ser Support cut by Move from Rumania.

Austria: A ser Supports F alb -> tri Support cut by Move from Greece. Dislodged from gre (2 against 1).

Austria: A war Holds


England: A edi -> yor

England: A hol Holds

England: F lon -> eng

England: F nth Supports A hol

England: F nwy -> ska


France: A mar -> bur Bounced with mun (1 against 1).

France: F mao Convoys A por -> bre

France: A par -> pic Bounced with bel (1 against 1).

France: A por -> bre

Convoy path taken: por→mao→bre.

France: A spa -> gas


Germany: F bel -> pic Bounced with par (1 against 1).

Germany: A den -> kie Failed because Germany: F kie -> hol failed.

Germany: F kie -> hol Bounced with hol (2 against 2).

Germany: A mun -> bur Bounced with mar (1 against 1).

Germany: A ruh Supports F kie -> hol


Italy: F nap -> apu

Italy: A tri Supports A bud Support cut by Move from Albania.

Italy: F tun -> ion

Italy: A tyr -> vie

Italy: A ven Supports A tri


Russia: A lvn -> war Bounced with war (1 against 1).

Russia: A mos Holds

Russia: A rum -> bud Bounced with bud (1 against 1).

Russia: F sev -> bla Bounced with bla (1 against 1).

Russia: F swe Holds


Turkey: F bla Supports A bul Support cut by Move from Sevastopol.

Turkey: A bul Supports A gre -> ser

Turkey: A con Supports A bul

Turkey: A gre -> ser

Turkey: F smy -> aeg


British, German Fleets Clash

Earlier this month, the German High Seas Fleet left port for Netherlands. Supported by several divisions of infantry, the fleet was intended to dislodge and annihilate entrenched British troops; however, elements of the British Grand Fleet intercepted the High Seas Fleet. After an inconclusive hour-long exchange of gunfire, the High Seas Fleet retreated to its bases in Kiel, allowing the British forces in the Netherlands to continue holding their precarious foothold on the continent.

Italy; Ottoman Empire Continue Assault on Austrian Homeland

Beleaguered Austrian armies lost two more provinces, Serbia and Vienna, to advancing Italian and Ottoman armies. While surviving Austro-Hungarian officials continue to issue confident press releases from their new capital of Budapest, most analysts say that situation is grim for Emperor WrongBot. "The loss of Vienna, the capital and a key supply province for the war effort, is particularly going to hurt," says analyst Alex Richard.

France Repulses Abortive German Offensive

After nearly a year of preparations, German forces continued once again attacked France in May. Moving from the Ruhr and Munich into Picardy and Burgundy, they met with initial success. However, President AlexMennen soon was able to commit reserves rushed northwards from the Iberian peninsula to the fight; German gains crept to a halt, and they were soon being pushed back out of French territory. French officials are confident that their reserves will be enough to halt any future German attacks, and to go on the offensive; French soldiers were less pleased.

Fall 1902

Order Results


The Army in Budapest cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

The Fleet in Albania cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

Austria: F alb -> tri Bounced with ven (1 against 1). Dislodged from ion (2 against 1).

Austria: A bud Supports F alb -> tri Dislodged from tri (2 against 1).

Austria: A war -> gal


England: F eng Supports A hol -> bel

England: A hol -> bel

England: F nth Supports F ska -> den

England: F ska -> den

England: A yor Holds


France: A bre Supports A par -> pic

France: A gas Supports A mar -> bur

France: A mar -> bur Bounced with mun (2 against 1).

France: F mao Holds

France: A par -> pic


The Fleet in Belgium cannot retreat; unit destroyed.

Germany: F bel Supports F kie -> hol Dislodged from hol (2 against 1).

Germany: A den -> kie

Germany: F kie -> hol

Germany: A mun -> bur Bounced with mar (2 against 1).

Germany: A ruh Supports A mun -> bur


Italy: F apu -> adr

Italy: F ion -> alb

Italy: A tri -> bud

Italy: A ven -> tri Bounced with alb (1 against 1).

Italy: A vie Supports A tri -> bud


Russia: A lvn -> war

Russia: A mos Supports A lvn -> war

Russia: A rum Holds

Russia: F sev Supports F bla -> rum Support failed. Supported unit's order does not match support given.

Russia: F swe Holds


Turkey: F aeg -> ion

Turkey: F bla Supports A con -> bul

Turkey: A bul -> gre

Turkey: A con -> bul

Turkey: A ser Supports F ion -> alb


Last Austro-Hungarian Provinces Fall

Earlier this month Italian forces from Trieste captured Budapest, the last of Austria-Hungary's supply provinces. Count Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf, the Chief the General Staff of the Austrian army, formally surrendered the surrounded Austrian forces, while Emperor WrongBot attempted to make his way through enemy lines to the remnants of his northern army, currently regrouping in Galicia. With the voluntary withdrawal of Austrian forces from Warsaw, just ahead of advancing Russian armies, Austria is left without any industrial capacity to support its sole remaining army, and is expected to fully surrender shortly.

English Forces Liberate Belgium; Denmark

While the majority of German forces were occupied with assaults on the Netherlands and France, English forces launched amphibious attacks on both Belgium and Denmark. Both attacks, taking advantage of the distraction of advancing German forces, were successful; meanwhile, the German army seized the Netherlands, but continue to fail to gain entry into France. In a speech earlier this week, Prime Minister Kevin announced that, though Belgium had been liberated and its original war aims had been achieved, "they would not rest until the specter of German aggression no longer threatens our terri on the Continent." Analysts were unclear what interests he was referring to.

Winter 1902


Army at Galicia ordered to Disband. Austria no longer controls any supply centers, and has been eliminated. Not enough Disband orders were submitted. Units farthest from home supply center will be disbanded. Austria: Removes A gal

England: England: Builds F edi



Italy: Italy: Builds F nap Italy: Builds F rom

Russia: Russia: Builds A stp

Turkey: Turkey: Builds F smy