Rationalist Diplomacy, Game 2

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The second game of Diplomacy on Less Wrong. All maps can be found here.


Kevin was Prime Minister of Great Britain

AlexMennen was President of France

tenshiko was Kaiser of Germany

Alexandros was King of Italy

WrongBot was Emperor of Austria

Thausler was Czar of Russia

Hugh Ristik was Sultan of Turkey

Randaly was the GM

Spring 1901

Order Results


Austria: A bud -> ser

Austria: F tri -> alb

Austria: A vie -> gal


England: F edi -> nwg

England: A lvp -> yor

England: F lon -> nth


France: F bre -> mao

France: A mar -> bur Bounced with mun (1 against 1).

France: A par -> gas


Germany: A ber -> kie

Germany: F kie -> hol

Germany: A mun -> bur Bounced with mar (1 against 1).


Italy: F nap -> ion

Italy: A rom -> ven

Italy: A ven -> tyr


Russia: A mos -> stp

Russia: F sev -> bla Bounced with ank (1 against 1).

Russia: F stp/sc -> bot

Russia: A war -> ukr


Turkey: F ank -> bla Bounced with sev (1 against 1).

Turkey: A con -> bul

Turkey: A smy -> con


Turkish Military Advance Checked in Black Sea

Earlier this month, Sultan HughRistik, announced a broad movement of Turkish troops into the Balkans, vowing to avenge previous Turkish defeats in the First Balkans War and restore Turkey to its traditional dominant role. As a result of the balkanization of the Balkans League in the Second Balkans War, Ottoman forces encountered shockingly little resistance on land; however, the Russian fleet blocked the advance of the Ottoman fleet into the Black Sea.

Schlieffen Plan Implemented

In a move anticipated by every other European monarch, Germany invaded France in March. Though its initial strike towards Burgundy was blocked by French troops based out of Marseilles, German military leaders are privately confident that the northern prong of their assault, currently outflanking the French defenses through the Netherlands, will achieve greater success.

English, Russian Forces Approach Scandinavia

Both the English and Russian militaries have mobilized their fleets and militaries, moving them towards Scandinavia. The Russian fleet has entered the Gulf of Bothnia, while elements of the British fleet have occupied the North and Norwegian Seas.

Italian Forces Advance Into Tyrolia

The Italian army recently advanced into Tyrolia, putting it in a position to threaten the rears of both Austria and Germany. Austrian advances into the Balkans and Galicia have left its homeland undefended, while German forces in Munich have already been deployed unsuccessfully against Burgundy.