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A Rationality power tool is a computer program that assists with rationality, either epistemic or instrumental. They are not games -- power tools are tools, and have the flexibility to be applied to multiple situations while guiding or enhancing their users' power to win or "improve their understanding."

Article: "Rationality Power Tools"


Coordinated Efforts

  • ChipIn – For raising funding for projects.
  • ThePoint – Non-financial coordination.
  • KickStarter – For raising funding for projects. Donations are collected only if a certain threshold is reached.

Debate Tools

Main article: Debate tools

  • TakeOnIt – A database of expert opinion.

Prediction Tracking

Prediction Markets

Time Management

  • Org-mode – for Emacs. "org-mode can do clocking (to see how long I'm spending on tasks), all kinds of reminders, todo-lists and can even check which of my 'projects' currently don't have a NextAction defined" - djcb

Personal Data Tallying/Self Experimentation

In Development