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A Rationality power tool is a computer program that assists with rationality, either epistemic or instrumental. They are not games - power tools are tools, and have the flexibility to be applied to multiple situations while guiding or enhancing their users' power to win or "improve their understanding."

Existing tools

Coordinated efforts

  • ChipIn – For raising funding for projects.
  • ThePoint – Non-financial coordination.
  • KickStarter – For raising funding for projects. Donations are collected only if a certain threshold is reached.

Debate tools

Main article: Debate tools

  • TakeOnIt – A database of expert opinion.

Prediction tracking

Prediction markets

Time management

  • Org-mode – for Emacs. "org-mode can do clocking (to see how long I'm spending on tasks), all kinds of reminders, todo-lists and can even check which of my 'projects' currently don't have a NextAction defined" - djcb

Document savers

Discussed in "Avoid interruptions by time-shifting them"

Spaced repetition

Spaced repetition is a method for memorizing important material.

Personal data tallying/Self experimentation

In development


Blog post

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