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(Plans for next several meetups)
(We're not meeting at Tortuga any more)
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'''The Mountain View meetup is no longer meeting at Tortuga.  Our mailing list is still [http://groups.google.com/group/tortuga-rationalists tortuga-rationalists@groups.google.com] though.'''
==Plans for next several meetups==
==Plans for next several meetups==

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The Mountain View meetup is no longer meeting at Tortuga. Our mailing list is still tortuga-rationalists@groups.google.com though.

Plans for next several meetups

  • March 13th: Sequences
  • March 20th: Colby's presentation on Cryonics cost analysis, more short presentations? then game night
  • March 27th: Sequences
  • April 3rd: self-improvement / coaching type meetup: what are issues people are working on right now, present to the group for advice and feedback. What are most important goals for people right now? Potential sub-topic: learn to change life-script
  • April 10th: Sequences
  • April 17: game night
  • April 24: Sequences
  • May 1: fun and games with cognitive biases
  • May 8: Sequences
  • May 15th: Walking meetup along the Steven's Creek trail
  • May 22nd: Sequences
  • May 29nd: What mistakes have you made, that you think other people could learn from? Large mistakes that other people might be prone to. Related book: "10 biggest scams in America" recommended by Roman
  • June 5th: Sequences
  • June 12th: Meta-meetup (publish agenda a week before)

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