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Description of Deluk917's update of the page on April 25th 2017

Dead Link

David_Gerard: RationalWiki Blog (general skeptical interest)

nerfhammer: Planet Rationalist (aggregator)

Saint: StHomme (Essays) Note: content on blog has since been removed. (checked 2014-09-02)

Michael Anissimov: More Right (reactionary thought, political commentary)

muflax: Muflax Becomes A Saint (Buddhism, early Christianity, eclectic mysticism) Note: site has since been removed ("buried"). (checked 2014-09-02)

steven0461: Black Belt Bayesian Note: site has since been removed. (checked 2014-09-02)

Removed for Editorial Reasons

Gleb_Tsipursky: Intentional Insights (rationality and effective altruism popularization) - Should we really link to Gleb?

Arun Bharatula: University of Melbourne Science Communication blog (psychological skills, philanthropy, research agendas and expert assessment) - Moved twice. The site is no longer public (you need to request access)

Trevor Blake: OVO - I didn't find any writing.

m_k: A solver in search of problems (general rationality, translations of rationality materials into Polish) - The site seems to have been repurposed into a site about 'Pixyll' a CS framework.