Traditional rationality

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"Traditional Rationality" refers to the memes of rationality which are in general circulation. It is good enough to get Science done, but lacks the technical precision of Bayesian probability. Unsharpened by curiosity it demands only the least effort needed to push forward human knowledge.

Traditional Rationality is phrased in terms of social rules, with violations interpretable as cheating - as defections from cooperative norms. If you want me to accept a belief from you, you are obligated to provide me with a certain amount of evidence. If you try to get out of it, we all know you're cheating on your obligation. A theory is obligated to make bold predictions for itself, not just steal predictions that other theories have labored to make. A theory is obligated to expose itself to falsification - if it tries to duck out, that's like trying to duck out of a fearsome initiation ritual; you must pay your dues.

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