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I or we follow Crocker's rules. Flame away. Troll away. Speculation on intent, emotional state, or social affiliation will be ignored or deplored. Stick to the content please. That's what the users are here for.

You have a right to know that no one is paying for these contributions, it's strictly volunteer and motivated by genuine interests and values of real persons or people who are not paid to skew this debate any particular way. You are not arguing with a bot, corporation, Super PAC or robot lawyer, but we do reserve the right to disappear, accordingly no identifying information will be made available to other users. Accordingly I/we can neither confirm nor deny whether the views expressed via this account are related to any of any Overcoming Bias user.

Some observations possibly worth debating:

  • Wikis grow via open links, so don't freak out about them. In its early days Wikipedia was > 90% open links. That's how it works... so don't call them "bad" or "broken" links.
  • Acting in defense of inclusionism [1] is no vice. Especially if under-represented readers or victims and systemic bias can be reduced thereby.
  • "The dark side of editing is to cease to edit in good faith. It is to regard editing Wikipedia as a game of nomic, the guidelines as texts to be cynically adhered to and worked around, their spirit utterly disregarded. It is to see ‘reliable sources’ as palimpsests to be selectively quoted and interpreted as necessary to ‘cite’ something one knows to be true." [2]
  • A legion of trolls is no more threatening than a nest of termites. We have our place in the ecosystem. Let's debate exactly what that is...