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Some on-the-record about me:

"I especially want to attract people in academia and positions of intellectual leadership to being actively and morally rational, since their attitudes spread to their students and apprentices. When you have an intelligent mentor who isn't using her intelligence to directly analyze and improve her own life, you're unconsciously less convinced it's a fruitful pursuit. When the opposite happens, it can really start a cascade.
Provided such a cascade preserves peoples' sense of morality, which requires some serious care to ensure, it can be a great thing for them and the people around them." -- Me commenting on Too busy to think about life

I don't do sarcasm

Sincerely positive statements are a rare commodity, so I never make them sarcastically. And online, I don't say anything sarcastic. If you're already worried I'm trying to trick you with meta-sarcasm, then you understand my complaint: there's simply too much sarcasm on the internet.

So please relax, and accept that I'm just a decent person who's publicly pre-committing to sincerity because I value being understood and do not take pride in deceiving others.