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Me in brief. I...

  • Run Self-Improvement for Nerds (active on Facebook and events also announced on Meetup)
  • Am a life coach, and my focus is on anti-procrastination, ADHD and gaining focus. This comes out of my own struggles, being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and (at that point) not having developed good strategies for getting things done. One of the main approaches I use is based on MEVID (the Procrastination Fquation).
  • Help to organise Less Wrong Melbourne.
  • Have worked in sustainability knowledge-sharing.
  • Know about wikis, and help run Appropedia, the sustainability wiki.

Sequences: Being generally awesome

Work in progress. Suggestions appreciated. Boldly edit the page, or leave a message on my talk page.


(Under development)

By author (incomplete)


Nate Soares (So8res):

(+ Look up more of Eliezer's posts on productivity, effectiveness and akrasia.)

By topic

Science and self-help:


Habits and training:

Goals and strategies:

Practical thinking skills (these posts are likely to be covered in other sequences, but have applications in "winning at life":

Thinking skills relevant to communication:


Posts linked from the Akrasia (to be sorted):

Evolutionary psychology:




Other (unordered):

Achieving awesomeness by learning better

(To be developed)

Other resources:


Building community

A communication sequence

Social aspects of communication (or is that a tautology?):

Emotion, making sense, and anticipating reactions:

Understanding and being understood:

Biases, heuristics and fallacies that affect communication:


Online communication (for further exploration):

  • Text-based communication
  • Dealing with trolls

Meetups: "Winning at Life"

This was an experiment that seemed promising, but wasn't continued due to lack of time & energy. Maybe early spring 2016, e.g. September or October, depending on weather for outdoor meetings.

These are the collections of articles used for LW/EA meetups in Melbourne 2015.

Session 1:

Possible lists for future meetups: