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I'm Edan Maor. I live in Tel Aviv, Israel,

I'm the CEO of Purple Bit, a Tel Aviv-based Dev Shop with expertise in Python/Django and Angular.js. We specialize in creating new products from the ground up with a Lean/Agile approach, and helping our customers build the *right* products by having a keen understanding of business.

I also do a lot of consulting for startups, both on the tech side and with marketing/sales strategies.

I'm very interested in hearing from anyone from LessWrong. I'm especially interested in networking through LessWrong.

I can help people out with most things to do with startups/businesses/online marketing. I can also help out with many development topics, with improving your resume/selling yourself better, and can sometimes connect developers to interesting opportunities (both in Israel and abroad).

User Info
I'm interested in business networking.