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Hi, I'm Peer Infinity, from Second Life.

I am an administrator of the Transhumanist Wiki (formerly the Accelerating Future Wiki, and formerly the SL4 Wiki).

I'm also an administrator at the H+ Cafe, a new Ning network for transhumanists.

I plan to integrate the content from this wiki with the Transhumanist Wiki, using the Template:afwikilink template on this wiki, and the Template:lesswrongwikilink template on the Transhumanist Wiki.

I also set up a mirror of the Less Wrong Wiki at It might be nice to have a backup for the few times when this wiki's server goes down. Now that there is a daily XML backup of this wiki, it should be realtively simple to keep the mirror's content in sync with the main wiki.

My projects on this wiki:

  • /Priorities - a partial list of my current priorities, for projects on this Wiki and various other things
  • /Activity Log - a log of what I have done on this Wiki so far
  • /Ideas - a collection of ideas for future projects on this Wiki
  • /Links - A collection of links that may be of interest to readers of this Wiki
  • /Pages In Progress - a list of pages currently in progress
  • /Deleted Pages - a list of pages that were recently deleted, that I might need to restore
  • /Clipboard - a collection of wiki template code that I am constantly copy-and-pasting to pages on this wiki
  • /Scripts - a collection of some of the scripts I have written to automate various tasks related to this wiki