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Nate Soares is a research fellow of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, where he does Friendly AI research. Nate blogs at He wrote the MIRI technical agenda and the MIRI research guide.

Nate is an ex-Google employee who encountered the idea that the development of smarter-than-human AI systems could pose an existential threat to humanity in early 2013, and decided that this idea is likely correct in mid 2013. He then spent six months studying the relevant math, attended a MIRI workshop in late 2013, and joined MIRI as a research fellow in early 2014.

During his studies, Nate reviewed many of the textbooks on the old MIRI course list. Afterwards, he wrote a short series of posts discussing the mechanics of that highly productive study period:

Other popular posts include tips for learning difficult things, and a discussion of how to care intensely about big problems in the world, even when the internal feeling of caring is weak:

At MIRI, Nate has authored or co-authored a number of papers, and has given a talk on decision theory (as it relates to FAI research) at Purdue university.