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Hi! I'm Matthew Graves. I adopted Vaniver as my callsign a long time ago for reasons I don't quite recall; I think the first place I used it was a MUD called 'Scrye' or something similar. I found LW through HPMoR, and have been here long enough to feel ashamed of many of my old posts and comments. Before LW, I posted heavily on the xkcd messageboards.

I'm a PhD student in Operations Research, which sometimes gets called Decision Science and which I generally explain to LWers as Industrial Rationality. It involves simulation, optimization, decision analysis, and similar topics. I'm currently at the University of Texas at Austin, and am happy to have couchsurfers.

Feel free to contact me by email, private message, Skype, or Steam. I use the same username at gmail and on Steam, but on Skype I'm cleversuggestion. I tend to respond more quickly to email than to PMs, but also enjoy talking in real-time.

I'm single and looking. (I'm a guy interested in guys.)

I wrote a sequence on Decision Analysis.

I write reviews of books relevant to LW:

User Info
Possibly looking for full-time work in the future. Open for consulting jobs now.
I'm happy to answer questions on decision-making, graduate school, virtue ethics, self-help, sleep, or neurohacking.
I operate under Crocker's rules.
I am open to hosting couchsurfers in Austin TX.