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==About me==
* [http://twitter.com/vladimirnesov Twitter], [https://plus.google.com/u/0/108420844869844630458/about Google+]
* [http://lesswrong.com/user/Vladimir_Nesov User page on LessWrong], [http://lesswrong.com/user/Vladimir_Nesov/submitted/ my posts]
* Selected posts:
:* [http://lesswrong.com/lw/3l/counterfactual_mugging/ Counterfactual Mugging]
:* [http://lesswrong.com/lw/2os/controlling_constant_programs/ Controlling Constant Programs]
:* [http://lesswrong.com/lw/2tq/notion_of_preference_in_ambient_control/ Notion of Preference in Ambient Control]
:* [http://lesswrong.com/lw/2ua/recommended_reading_for_friendly_ai_research/ Recommended reading on decision theory/FAI]
:* [http://lesswrong.com/lw/ap3/predictability_of_decisions_and_the_diagonal/ Predictability of Decisions and the Diagonal Method]
* I am an admin on this wiki ([[Special:Contributions/Vladimir Nesov|contributions]]) and [[Site features#Moderation|editor/moderator]] on the site
''This is your user page. Please edit this page to tell the community about yourself!''
[[Category:Wiki administrators]]
==My contributions==
* [[Special:Contributions/Vladimir Nesov|User contributions]]
==My favorite pages==
* Add links to your favorite pages on the wiki here!
* Favorite page #2
* Favorite page #3

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