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Peer, please move (most of) the script rules into your script's documentation. The style guide should include notes that are relevant info for the new authors. As such, it should disambiguate what's uncertain and correct what's different. Having people read the rules such as "Pages should not include the heading "See Also"" is waste of anyone's time.

By the way, requiring "see also" to be symmetric is generally a bad idea. For example, if some concept is fairly useful and is added in "see also" of a lot of other concepts, it doesn't follow that all these concepts are relevant for that one concept and should be included in its "see also" section. "See also" selects only the most relevant other articles, and sometimes there is a tradoff so that some relevant articles have to be removed from the section, because there are too many (it should become more pressing later in the wiki's lifetime). I wasn't following for the last few weeks, but I hope you haven't enforced it yet.

"If a short summary is available for a Less Wrong blog post, then the summary should appear on every wiki page that contains a link to that post." is also a bad idea: it enforces duplication of text and requires independence of context. Also, we have plain too little data on how summaries tend to form, as almost no summaries are present, except for sequences. --Vladimir Nesov 21:05, 24 October 2009 (UTC)

Ok. I thought you might say that. I moved that section to User talk:PeerInfinity/Scripts/SyncArticleLinks.php, including the comments you made, and replied to them.--PeerInfinity 21:50, 24 October 2009 (UTC)