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(This page is meant to be a standard link from "Mainstream status" comments to explain intended use.)

The "Mainstream status" comment is meant for the author of a post to describe links to contemporary science/math/philosophy/academia etc. which might've detracted from the flow of the primary post; and also for helpful readers to post other papers that seem relevant.

If posting a relevant paper, please try to describe or excerpt the exact idea in the paper that seems relevant, especially if the paper is locked behind a paywall. We've had some trouble in the past with people exaggerating (or allegedly exaggerating) how much of an idea is either mainstream-in-academia, or precedented-by-previous-work; please do not represent large complicated ideas as standard if only a part is standard, or describe a complicated argument as precedented if only a part of the argument was precedented.

With those caveats, all relevant papers and citations are much solicited! Hopefully such comment-collections can serve as a standard link between LW presentations and academic ones.