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This page documents ongoing projects and maintenance. To see a description and discussion of prior projects, please see Lesswrongwiki:Closed Projects. If you wish to propose a project, please use this page. If you have a specific request for an administrator (e.g. page deletion, sidebar edits), please do it here: Lesswrongwiki:Admin Requests.

General Projects and Maintainence

  • Wanted Content: - Whenever someone makes a wiki link to a page that doesn't exist yet, it shows up in the list on Special:WantedPages. You can help by creating pages from this list. Also, for a list of pages that already have some content, but could still use some improvement, see Category:Needs Improvement. Wanted categories are listed in Special:WantedCategories.
  • Page Stubs - A lot of the pages of this wiki are currently just stubs. You can help by adding more content to these pages. For a list of the page stubs, see Category:Page Stubs
  • General Cleanup - when reading a page on this wiki, did you notice any typos? broken links? missing category tags? something else that should be fixed? Please feel free to edit the page, and fix the problem. Here are some Special Pages that you can use to find broken links or improperly categorized pages:
  • continue filling in this list of priorities
  • continue categorizing the pages on this wiki
  • clean up all the templates, add descriptions of how to use the templates, using the includeonly tags
  • other obvious cleanup of the pages on this wiki
  • Apologies if this is the wrong place to put this; but is anyone else alarmed by the flood of "new users" with spambot-style names who never contribute anything? Should we add a captcha at user registration? Should we mark some of these users for deletion?
    • They don't cause any trouble, but I guess we could introduce a rule that any users with shady names who don't make a contribution in, say, a month, are deleted, and write a template for easy tracking and notification about this rule, to be added to new users' talk pages. --Vladimir Nesov 22:40, 6 July 2009 (UTC)

Random Ideas

  • The Less Wrong Video Game - brainstorming ideas of how we could make a video game for teaching or testing the concepts and techniques discussed at Less Wrong.
  • byrnema's WikiAnalysis project - like Wikipedia, but with a Rational Point of View rather than a Neutral Point of View. I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean, but it sounds interesting. --PeerInfinity 19:22, 22 September 2009 (UTC)

Categories to consider expanding or deleting

See Special:Categories